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In Her Own Words

Here are just some of the wonderful testimonials we've received from members, event attendees, and local business women.  If you'd like to share your own positive experience, please let us know.

"March 2015: "The Damesbond website has been great for my business. The Dames are always serious buyers and are great to work with. They have taken the time to look on the website for a fellow qualified Dame, have thought things through regarding their projects, and appreciate the time and talent fellow Dames offer."" ~Angela Bonfante
"September 25, 2014: When I attended my first Dames Bond Networking Event I was nervous. I'm reluctant in approaching people which is something I am working on. While at the Event, I met some wonderful women. I decided to join Dames Bond that night as I loved the energy and love for helping business women that Mary B. has. I met Mary B. and am honored to know her and I look forward to getting to know her better. I also joined other women groups which have connected me with many other women through Dames Bond that have truly helped me and inspired me on my entrepreneurial journey. Mary B. asked me to be a part of her Biz Tv interview, which took me out of my comfort zone being in front of the camera. But seeing that she saw something worth talking about not just in me but also in my business meant a lot to me and it showed me how being a part of Dames Bond is going to help me grow in a lot of ways, not just becoming a better business owner, but a better woman as well!" ~Jovanna Robinson - Tohni Bekka Designs
"September 25, 2014: My experience with Dames Bond has been an amazing experience for me both personally and professionally. Being a new entrepreneur can be extremely isolating, scary and stressful at times. What I have found with Dames Bond is a support system within the group to help me navigate through all that is required to have a successful business without loosing my sanity! The founder, MaryB, is authentic, passionate and will do whatever she can do to help make you successful! " ~Michele Rapp - Columbus Explorer
"September 24, 2014: I attended my first networking event and was excited to join a great group of women in small business. Your fervor and drive has been such an inspiration. In May, I was given a great opportunity: be interviewed on BizTV shows (Pat Altvater-producer) via "DamesBond with Mary B." It turned out great. Keep encouraging, keep growing... because when DamesBond, Dames thrive! " ~Deanna Wright - Proven Promo
"September 24, 2014: I have been a member of Dames Bond for just about a year and during this time I have only been able to attend a few networking sessions due to traveling. I have thoroughly enjoyed them all. Mary B. Relotto to me, know as the Grand Dame, always has an encouraging word to keep me motivated during my journey as a Small Business Owner. Dames Bond is a very informative resource more than the average Networking group. We have had meetings about health, wellness, finances, and the everyday struggles of what it take to be in business and stay in business. Love the weekly newsletter with updates showing new members and benefits available, I just like that fact the Dames Bond keeps us informed. Other networking groups I have previously been a member of collect a fee and you really don't more to the networking than just the fees. She even gives away free memberships! The Dames Bond website has a listing of all the products and services available from other members another tool to market its members. Our meetings are generally held at different locations each month which allows other members to directly participate is showcasing their business locations and services. Mary is great at marketing and selling the Local Artist products I appreciate everything she has done to give my glassware an opportunity to be displayed and purchased. I'm inspired to see that if she can make it work than so can I. " ~PriScillia Sales - PriS
"September 24, 2014: I've been attending DamesBond events for several years now. There are no other women's networking groups with as much enthusiasm, passion and mutual support in the greater Columbus area. I've attended scores of other networking events. When I network with other Dames, there's laughter, support, great ideas and real business being done together. I've made some lasting friendships and have enjoyed many business ventures with other Dames. Why? Because "when Dames Bond, Dames Thrive!"" ~Kathy Rausch - TekMiss
"September 24, 2014: I have met so many great people through Dames Bond that I would not have met otherwise. My business has grown and I have learned much through attending events and the monthly meetings. Thank you Mary B and everyone else! You are an inspiration to all women!" ~Brenda Millhouse - Prudential
"September 24, 2014: Dames Bond has taught me the value of networking. Mary B. has been a mentor, a friend and a confidante. Her influence in my life has been a true blessing." ~Juana Williams - BodybyJuana
"Re: August 4, 2014 Bond Event: This evening was probably one of the best networking events I've been too.Thank you Mary B. Relotto for putting together these great experiences! They are above and beyond what I've experienced in networking." ~Jehan Evette Daugherty
"Re: August 4, 2014 Bond Event at Ohm2Om Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Mary B. Relotto, my Peace Keepers and all of you beautiful Dames of Dames Bond for making tonight's event so wonderful! Muah, Muah! " ~Sheri Mollica Rathburn
"Re: the August 4, 2014 Bond Event at Ohm2Om Thank you so much Lora Lucinda Andersen for taking me to the Dames Bond mingle last night and for dinner! The experience at Om2Ohm was amazing, and I'm excited to see where the relationship with my new connections lead! Mary B. - you are just as FABuLASH in-person as I thought you would be! I'm ready to join such amazing, inspirational women! " ~Amy Jo Newlun
"I had a blast at the author's even last week! I knew that joining DamesBond would be a smart professional move, but I'm really loving the social atmosphere even more: people are so great, and so genuine. I've been a member less than a month and I already feel like I'm making friends and goodness knows I'm making great business contacts! Noble Erickson www.SavvySpoonTea.com" ~Noble Erickson
"I really enjoyed last night at the Camelot Cellar. It was a very cozy yet fun filled setting. Sitting at tables made it easier to get know the ladies sitting with you. Janine was absolutely fantastic. Her love of her business and her passion showed in her personality as well as her business. I was glad I attended." ~Georgia Watson
"About Prosper: "The one on one time talking collectively with groups. The speakers were knowledgable and the topics were fantastic. I admire that so many women follow their dreams and share. I like the Dames atmosphere, it is always an open, non-judging place to be and I never feel like I have to be anything but exactly who I am. I think it is wonderful."" ~Prosper Attendee
"About Prosper: "Business Trends Panel Pro Action Cafe' was excellent way to brainstorm and network."" ~Prosper Attendee
"About Prosper: "Suzanne Roberts. My gravy. She's amazing. Everything she talked about is exactly what I want my business, Femme Fatale Finishing School, to be about. Just wonderful . I also sat with some great ladies that I am so happy I got to know."" ~Prosper Attendee
"About Prosper: "The casual, relaxed, easy atmosphere definitely. Women easily chatting with others they'd just met, connecting, networking, learning from each other. There didn't seem to be any wariness about reaching out to one another. Complete Dame-iness!"" ~Prosper Attendee
"About Prosper: "The emphasis on collaboration and the just do it attitude. The motto at our round table became "why not"?"" ~Prosper Attendee
"About Prosper: "I had ample time to get to know people throughout the day and a good dose of motivation." " ~Prosper Attendee
"About Prosper: "Pro Action Cafe - getting the chance to ask my biggest question/challenge and have great ideas from other women and great conversations and laughter Also listening to AJ Casey's story! Courage!"" ~Prosper Attendee
"About Prosper: "It was smooth. The pieces fit together seamlessly. I loved the Pro Action Cafe. It was different--and so much better than spending the day as a passive audience member. It gave us the opportunity to share interesting ideas and suggestions and to really connect with each other. I met some of the most interesting and inspiring Dames! The venue was perfect. The entertainment rocked. Even the lunch was good (unusual for a conference, in my experience)."" ~Prosper Attendee
"Stopping by the Marketplace today and seeing you brought back wonderful memories of the two years I spent in Dames Bond while growing my business. I have never experienced such unconditional support from other women. My business evolved into a contract gig in which I no longer need to market myself so I have moved on. I believe the lessons learned from Dames Bond and especially your marketing tutelage empowered me to take the next step. It is thrilling to watch the organization evolve and branch out into new areas. Dames Bond is truly the premier organization for female entrepreneurs. Please express my appreciation to all the members who shared their experiences and knowledge and welcomed me into the Dames Bond sisterhood! " ~Patsy Deerhake
"My referral leads visiting my site from Dames Bond is up this year by 132% I hope as you continue to grow, the leads to my site keep growing too. I am guessing this is increase is because as you get more exposure, it helps us (Members). It also tells me my articles and events might be resonating with your audience. Thank you for all you do!" ~Barb Girson
"The Damesbond Market Place is great! After more than 40 years of friendship, I finally found the perfect birthday present for my BFF! She said it was the best birthday present ever! " ~Susan D. Edwards, SPHR/Human Resources Manager
"What makes Dames Bond unique for me is the fact that I feel like I'm getting much more than just networking. The icing on the cake is that someone is helping me promote my business. I don't feel alone. " ~Tina
"Dames Bond has been very encouraging. As a new business owner, in a new town, the name alone, Dames Bond, seemed like a great fit for professional outreach, especially outside of my industry. I'm thrilled I'm still around to watch its growth! Go Dames! ~ Beverly " ~Beverly
""Loved the class (Dames Pro Series - How to Make Your Website Clientcentric). Gained a tremendous amount of relevant information." (June 25, 2012)" ~Sue Corbin
""I've been fortunate to get a number of fantastic clients through Dames Bond since I joined in February (2012); thank you for all of the wonderful help and support!" " ~Laura Oldham
"Hi Mary, I just wanted to let you know I attended the Dames Bond event in Nashville last night and met some wonderful Dames! I have even received a job request already. I think this will be a wonderful organization for me to belong to. (3-30-12)" ~Larissa Platko Barbee
"The motto here is when Dames Bond -- Dames Thrive. All women who have a business should be part of this." ~Bonnie James
""I met Mary at a Women & Leadership Mentoring Program event for Otterbein University women students who have been selected to participate in this wonderful program. Mary and her organization, Dames Bond, are a rich resource for women."" ~Jean Rea
""I'd like to share how Dames Bond's Mary B. connected me and another woman biz owner with Marcey Goulder from Channel 10 News. Marcey needed to find a woman to interview who has divorced after age 50 and is happily moving on with her life. She called Mary B. who remembered that I"m a Dames Bond Member who provides Divorce Guidance and Coaching. I knew of someone great right away and Marcey was able to set up an interview with her. The woman I recommended will be getting media attention for her business and Marcey said that she will be contacting me in June for a possible interview for my Coaching Business, "Moving Forward Through Divorce"" on Dames Bond's timeline." Nancy Kay" ~Nancy Kay
"I had an initial session with Debi Boyle for a colon hydrotherapy session and was very pleased in all ways. I've had this type of service in the past but no one offered what Debi gave to me. First of all, she had a consult session that lasted about 30 minutes. In this session she asked questions, gave pertinent information and valuable instructions for the process. Then I had my colon hydrotherapy session which went well. Finally, at the end, she reviewed the experience with me and gave me eating and other health instructions. She is an amazing practitioner and the beauty of all of this is that as a Dames Bond Member, we get a discount on the initial visit. I whole heartedly recommend her to anyone looking for this type of service. Sue Corbin The Sue Corbin Agency Creative Marketing Consultant" ~Sue Corbin
""It works! Dames Bond has provided me the opportunity to share by expertise with others and has proven to be a terrific way to network with other business owners." Laura Butler, WorkLife for Women " ~
""Thank you for joining in the excitement we have all felt in starting Dames Bond. I hope you felt the same energy and positive effect this organization is going to have on the beautiful, dynamic Dames of Nashville and our whole surrounding area! I was overwhelmed by the strength and tenacity so many of you have shown in building your own businesses and stories. I cannot wait to start experiencing your efforts for myself."" ~Victoria Bailey, CCT
"" ~Laura Butler
"I am excited to share that Marcey Goulder (producer at 10TV) is featuring my business on a story focusing on a large remodeling project I am working on. The story will air on Channel 10, Monday November 21, 2011 during the 5 o'clock news. The segment is called Female Focus. I can only thank Damesbond for this wonderful opportunity!" ~Angela Bonfante
"What a fabulous evening!!! (Monday, August 1, 2011) I had the pleasure of speaking with Traci, A.J., Michelle Lee and several other Dames. You are such a joy to be around...your energy is contagious. Thank you for the kind words when we were speaking with Joy and a Cincinnati chapter came up in conversation! If I get to Cincinnati quicker than 5 years, I would love to help you branch out. Thank you for all you do for us Dames!!!! " ~Kimberly Harless
"Rene Delane shares her comments about Dames Bond. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veUnZvVUbEE" ~Rene Delane
"I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for embracing me into your organization. From the moment I joined, you were on top of it to make sure I was registered properly and that my profile was complete and that it reflected who I am and the business I represent. I have attended your events in the past and now I am truly excited to be a member. You run this group so professionally and your enthusiasm to serve others comes through each and every time I meet you. Dames Bond is truly a place to be surrounded by professional women. Each event is unique and it keeps it exciting and new. The sense of community is very strong and the members are there to truly help one another grow their business. Now I can see why you were written up in Fortune Magazine. Certainly well deserved! I shall certainly spread the word to other professional women out there to join Dames Bond as your saying goesâ€ÂÂÃÃÃÆâÃ