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Viewing Topic:  A New Year, a New Wardrobe! How to acquire TEN Fantastic Outfits for under $75! (And have a fun night out with the girls, too!)

1) 2/21/2010 Original Post by Linda Mustric 
  Jockey Person to Person, a leading women's apparel company, has created "The Perfect 5" pieces of clothing that can take you wherever you go all week long! Whether you're on business or on vacation, the modal-blend cardigan, roll-waist skirt, ribbed V-neck tee, modern bootleg pant and sleeveless U-neck are all you need. They travel well, are versatile, and easy to accessorize. Make them yours for only $5.63 per look by hosting a typical party. Simply invite your girlfriends for a Ladies Night Out, and I do the rest! See pp. 14-15 of our Spring catalog (www.myjockeyp2p.com/lindamustric) and call me to book your party!


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