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Viewing Topic:  "AFTER BABY BOOT CAMP" Starting in September!!

1) 7/11/2010 Original Post by Nancy Eisenman 
  "After Baby Boot Camp" is a total body conditioning program I have designed specifically for women looking to get their "before" baby bodies back. You will look slimmer and trimmer, feel more energized and confident than ever before!

After BABY Boot Camp will be a kinder, gentler boot camp so no need to worry about the term "boot camp".

I know how hard it is to take time for yourself after you have a baby - but taking care of yourself should be a priority so that you can be a better mom! You deserve it and it doesn't take that much time or money either.

Please contact me if you are interested. Location still to be determined based on participants convenience.
I have pre/post natal exercise certifications.

Nancy Eisenman
Certified Personal Trainer
www. foreverfitbynancy.com


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