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Viewing Topic:  I am seeking an opportunity to work from home.

1) 7/15/2010 Original Post by Mary Relotto 
Wendy Wycinski


I am interested in working from home, I have not been able to find a business to work for and I am hoping you can help. I am a single mother of 2 and live in rural Southeastern Ohio. I am currently a Community Service Specialist for Hocking, Athens and Perry Counties. I enjoy my job but would like to work from home so I can be with my children.
Please send any information you can as it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.
2) 7/15/2010 Reply Posted by Linda Mustric 
  Wendy, have you thought about Direct Sales? If you represent a company with products that you believe in, you will spend daytimes on the phone or the computer and a few evenings out doing parties. If you are not a single mom this can be a good avenue for many women. For instance, I am a Comfort Specialist with Jockey Person to Person (exclusive women's clothing line) and I am able to take my kids to the pool or shopping or whatever during the day, and go out a few evenings to do a party at someone's house. Of course it would depend on how rural you are.... Good luck!
3) 7/20/2010 Reply Posted by Pam Spence 
  Hi Wendy,
When my (4) kids were little - and as they grew - I did puppet shows (and storytelling) for day care, libraries, churches and birthday parties. Not specifically "at home" but you can create your own schedule - and most of the jobs tend to be on the weekends. There is also the possibility of working with fire and police departments on safety shows for children, as well with parks and rec, senior centers, etc.
I later worked with a community arts center doing Arts Outreach with populations at risk.
If you have any interest in this type of thing, feel free to contact me.

Best of luck!

Pam Spence

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