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Viewing Topic:  Job Opportunity / Part Time

1) 7/30/2010 Original Post by Mary Relotto 
Karen Schmitt (Acme Heating, Cooling and Plumbing)

Hi Mary,
Looking for a mature women to assist me in a part time to possible full time position. The job opportunity requirements are: 1. Knowledge of Quickbooks Premier or other Accounting programs. 2. Knowledge of Microsoft Word. 3. Some knowledge of basic accounting. 4. Perhaps some Dispatching knowledge would be valuable also.

If you should come across someone looking for a part time position please have them e-mail me directly.

Training will be afforded, of course, to the candidate that can and will be honest and dependable.

Pay is around $12.00 to 13.00/Hr.

2) 7/30/2010 Reply Posted by Mary Relotto 
  Kim, make sure to email Karen Directly. don't post here. I posted this for her. I do think that this is an at office position though. ;)


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