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Spring S.T.A.R Team Building Checklist To Be Bigger and Retain Better This Summer
By Barb Girson, My Sales Tactics
Published On:  4/7/2010

By Barb Girson

It's spring! The sun is out.

Spring with all of the beauty brings some important business considerations.

Read on for a handy checklist to help Leaders build bigger, stronger teams this spring and retain them through the summer. When I started in direct sales it took me a few years of experiencing the ups and downs and effects of the season to understand the necessary shifts needed as a Leader.

Most of the seasonal shifts were related to the impact of seasonal sports that our daughters got involved with (i.e. softball, cheerleading, roller derby). Plus when and how to schedule business appointments, home parties and recruit interviews was often determined by whether the children were in school or out of school. Without foresight, the schedule that was going smoothly and in a groove would not work. The business demands would pull at me and create an internal conflict.

Not only was this shift in my own family, it would affect my team and customers.

Over time I developed systems that helped me to meet the needs of my business and my family. The internal pull was replaced with pleasure and I became more effective at guiding my Leaders to get their business in a flow. They in turn were not only more successful and more productive; they were pleased with their choices.

Use this checklist to help you enjoy this season and get on top of the seasonal shifts coming your way.

Spring S.T.A.R Team Building Checklist To Be Bigger and Retain Better This Summer

___1. Think Shorter, Simpler and Springy - Talk to your team about the importance of having a spring/ summer approach during their home parties. Shorter, lighter (carry less), more casual, take less time.

___2. Be Prepared - Prepare your team for customer hurdles to booking appointments, recruit interviews and events. Discuss how to respond to the challenge that spring sports schedules, birthdays, graduations and shortly thereafter, vacation pose. Help them understand the difference between an excuse and a challenge or objection.

___3. Be Alert - Watch for signs of team members who start to disengage. They worked earlier in the year and start to fade. Reach out to them.

___4. Recruit now - Recruit a fresh group of spring team members. Like the flowers that bloom and bring us color, the new team members will bring a fresh outlook and energy to your team.

___5. Set Recruiting Goals - Set a specific recruiting goal to reach in the next 8 weeks.

___6. Target Teachers - Think about what workers/industries have the summer off. Teachers are one group to target for spring recruiting. Challenge your team. (I was recruited a fateful spring on a bad day of teaching!) If they cannot be recruited, offer them to be a Host.

___7. Set Up Schedules - Plan a spring team meeting to share tips on how to set up schedules for the summer. Encourage your team to swap ideas for summer camps, swim lessons and sustaining their business.

___8. Challenge and Celebrate - Consider kicking off a 3 month team challenge. Celebrate consistent success.

___9. Team Bonding means Team Building - The team that plays together; stays together. Schedule a fun family outing or picnic by geographic area. We used to have an annual organization 'Zoo Day'. Everyone brought their families and we had a huge picnic. It was fun and our children grew up together.

___10. Keep Your Expectations High - With planning it does not need to be a choice between two loves - business or family; help your organization be ready to handle both.

© 2010 All Rights Reserved

Barb Girson Original work

Permission granted to reprint this article and distribute with 'About the Author and hyperlinks included.

About the Author

Barb Girson, International Direct Selling Expert, Trainer and Coach is the owner of My Sales Tactics, a professional skill development company which helps companies, teams and entrepreneurs gain confidence, get into action and most importantly grow sales.

Barb Girson designs and delivers custom sales coaching and sales training programs for Leader Retreats, regional meetings, conventions and teleclasses. Visit http://www.MySalesTactics.com to sign up for the next free teleclass and her ezine, "Sales Strategies that STICK".

Need a speaker for your next event? Contact Barb at 614.855.0446 or Barb@MySalesTactics.com

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