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Dressing for Your Body Type
By Linda Mustric, Jockey Person to Person
Published On:  6/3/2010

Most of us don't look like Christie Brinkley or Tyra Banks.  Some of us may look more like Twiggy or like Kirstie Alley!  Many larger women mistakenly try to hide their bodies under oversize, baggy clothes. Although the opposite (tight, clingy) is not the answer either, there are tricks and recommendations for everyone, whether you resemble Oprah Winfrey or Paris Hilton. The most important thing to remember is to dress properly for your body type.

We've all heard about the "apple" and the "pear" shaped bodies, but there are several other categories.  Those of us lucky enough to have an “ hourglass" figure (defined as a waist measurement 4" less than your bust and hip) can get away with many garment types, but look best in clothing that is fitted at the waist, V-neck tops, and fabrics that drape.  If your shape tends to be “ straight", as in only a 2" difference or less between bust, waist and hips, you need to avoid masculine styles and loose, baggy tops.  Anything with feminine details will enhance your figure, as will push-up bras and fitted tops and jackets.

If you are a “pear", your hips are your largest asset.  You're an “apple" if you are less than 5'3" and your waist is 2" or more than your bust and your hips.  A “barrel" is similar, but taller than 5'3".   If your bust is greater than 3" or more than your waist and hip measurements, you are an “inverted triangle".  Each of these shapes has its own strategies for minimizing the unsatisfactory parts and accentuating the desirable features.   In general, women should wear darker clothing over the parts they'd like to hide, and lighter colors or prints where you want the eye to travel to.

For more information or a personal or group consultation, please call me and I'll be happy to help you and your friends find the most flattering looks for their bodies.


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