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Working With A Team
By Mary McCarthy, Your Management Team
Published On:  12/7/2010

Working With A Team

Mary McCarthy, President, Your Management Team

When my son was in grade school the concept of working in teams’ became very popular.   Class after class kids were grouped into teams to work on assignments with the reality that the team would succeed or fail based upon their ability to work together.   For my son, this was a recipe for failure.   His experience working with a team came from playing soccer.   He loved soccer and running up and down the field.   Quickly he found it did not matter how hard he played and how great his game was, without everyone on the team playing to their potential their team would lose.   To him this meant it was better to work alone and thereby succeed or fail based upon his own performance.   What he missed was the opportunity to share his love of the sport with his team and work together for everyone’s benefit.  

Many small business owners also enjoy the opportunity to be the masters of their fate and work on their business succeeding or failing based upon their own ability without ever looking for the joys, camaraderie and learning curve working with a team provides.   But what would happen if instead of making all the decisions based upon your personal experience, knowledge and goals you opened your thoughts up to other ideas, knowledge, and experience as well?  

It’s scary giving up control and working with others when we do not know what the outcome will produce.   Fear can take many forms and is a strong motivator for holding on tightly to our business.   Fear that someone might steal our idea, fear that others will realize we are not successful, fear that we are not as smart as others, fear that we will lose control of our business, or fear that we will waste our money and end up in worse financial straits.   But what if the opposite happened?   What if we were able to brainstorm new and efficient ways to accomplish our business goals and remove the weight of business ownership from our shoulders?   What if we could realize listening to others does not take away from our capabilities but instead increases them?  

Business ownership isn’t easy but it is certainly worth the effort to be your own boss in control of your own destiny.   Part of that control is realizing you do not have to do everything by yourself. It is focusing on what you do best and surrounding yourself with experts to guide and support you through the rest.    So what can a team provide you as a small business owner?   
  • A support system. Friends and family are great but they do not understand what you are going through.   Employees are dedicated but get concerned if they feel you are not on top of your business.   Working with an independent team removes the emotion from the decision making process and focuses on the needs of the business.   
  •   Additional knowledge and experience.   You bring specific knowledge and experience to running your business but it is one-dimensional.   Working with a team adds the team members experience and knowledge base to your abilities increasing the baseline exponentially.
  •   A partner to hold you accountable.   Most importantly a team holds you accountable for focusing on the business needs and to implement ideas and programs developed to achieve the end result.

I recommend all small business owners reach out and seek advice and look for opportunities to surround themselves with advisors and other small business owners.   Together we have a better chance for success. Isn’t it time to invest in your success?  

Mary McCarthy is the developer and chief architect of MLM Consulting and Your Management Team. Jumping into small business ownership twenty years ago, Mary has owned, worked with, and finally consulted with dozens of small businesses.   Mary's strengths lie in developing start-up opportunities, implementing business processes and procedures, and forming partnerships for the benefit of small business owners. Mary understands the hours, dedication and focus needed to own and manage a business.   Mary also hosts a radio program on BlogTalkRadio, www.blogtalkradio.com/yourmgmtteam  and is a co- host of a monthly meetup networking group www.meetup.com/yourmgmtteam.  

You can contact Mary at mary@yourmanagementteam.net or 614-602-6530.   You can also follow Mary on LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/in/mccarthym and Twitter www.twitter.com/yourmgmtteam .

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