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By Tina Falasca, Digital Spiderweb
Published On:  12/9/2010

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Does your website bring in customers to your business 24 hours a day/7 days a week?   This is what the goal of every successful business owner should be.   Now, websites can be difficult to maintain, in that you constantly have to keep updating them, in order to maintain or increase the level of traffic. Because, as we know, the more traffic the more customers you will get.   Now, with the internet proving to be the main way that consumers are looking for businesses, even for local services, it is imperative that you get these consumers to your company’s web site.

The following are ten tips on how to get more traffic and how to make sure the traffic you get converts into more customers.

1.       One sure way of drawing visitors to your site is to keep the content original, give them something that they cannot find anywhere else. The better your content the more visitors you will get. Highlight the specialties of your product or service and do it your own way, people are tired of the same old things they read over and over again, ensure that your website is different, convincing and appealing.


2.       Two, make it possible for visitors to print out your content, while they wait for the documents to print, they are sure to browse through your online store. If you craft your site correctly, you could very easily end up selling them more products. Come up with deals that will keep the visitor coming back and satisfied.


3.       Online surveys are the third way to increase traffic and make your web site more interactive. Offer website visitors some freebies for taking the time out to fill out your online survey. Not only is there a high probability of the survey takers buying something after they are done with the survey, you will also gain valuable insight into your customers’ state of mind from answers.   So you definitely want to offer them a good incentive to encourage their participation.


4.       Offering visitors software that they can download directly from your website is a good way to ensure traffic, again, while they wait for the download to complete they will browse through your online store or in the least, read some of your site’s content.   Software is something that can be easily designed and set-up for any type of business, yet has a very high perceived value.


5.       It always pays to do a little research on what the customers might want or might search for, it is these kind of studies that differentiate the ordinary from the unique. Spend a little time and find out about information that your visitors would want, then use that information to provide a huge online directory of information that your visitors could search. If they are satisfied, they will keep coming back for more.  This makes your site an authority in their eyes, so when they need more information you are the first site they go to and makes you much more likely to get any resulting business.


6.       Make sure your web pages load quickly.   Nobody is going to wait for your web pages to load and you will be losing a lot of visitors immediately!   Also, check your website in a variety of different browsers and operating systems to ensure it is working correctly in each.   One important aspect many businesses overlook is to check how their site looks and functions on a smart phone.   As more and more people are doing their browsing while on the run, you don’t want to miss out on this growing share of the local market.


7.       Your website needs to be well organized and should clearly tell your visitors what your company has to offer.    You must differentiate your company from the competition from the very beginning; saving the best for last is a strict NO-NO here.  If you are not able to project your product or services in a clear way, you cannot attract visitors; you will only drive them away or attract the wrong type of visitors to begin with.  


8.       Having a video or audio on your home page does wonders for keeping visitors engaged.   It is a great way to ensure that your message gets across to every visitor in a clear, concise way.   Whereas many people won’t read much text, almost everyone will watch a video.   This is a great way to make your business stand out from the crowd.


9.       Spelling and grammar mistakes will not be tolerated.  Honestly, people will not visit your site again if they feel the content is of poor quality. Don't compromise on quality here, ensure that your website projects a professional image.


10.   Make sure the text on your site is easy to read. If people find it difficult to read through your site, they will just go back to Google and find another site that doesn't strain their eyes.   Dark text on a light background is best to encourage someone to read your content.

Using headlines and sub-headlines also makes the text easier to read.   The last thing you want are big chunks of text, like you would see inside a book, this is very cumbersome to read on a web site.   Most people are just skimming the content anyway.   Make sure your headlines are in bold or another color, this will make sure site visitors don’t miss the most important content while making it easier for them to skim the page.


Follow these steps, and the profits you see coming in from your web site will definitely increase.


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