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Your Place In the World of Business
By Mary B. Relotto, Dames Bond LLC
Published On:  12/22/2010

Finding your place in the world of business is as easy as ABC!
It takes a minute to find your place in the world of business, especially as a woman. Ok, maybe 5+ years?  It’s not easy and a true professional will admit they are learning every day, with every new connection.  

I think success, relative to your business, is all about YOUR success as a networker. To be a good networker is different from networking.   A networker takes action and strives to make lasting connections. Networking is the experience in which one has to be a good networker. Without a good networking experience the networker in you may not thrive. 

However you network, a good networker will build a list of connections. Permisson-based of course. Connections will cascade into referrals. Referrals can lead to success. And your success should be the priority of any networking experience in which you are involved. Whether you belong to a networking group or attend networking events, make sure your success is their priority.

To be a good networker, I think it depends on where you’re from, what you do and most importantly, who you are. I’m not talking about delving into the psyche of the person you’re talking to for the first time, but listening to your intuitions to learn if they turn you on enough to want to know more. Ok, I’m Not talking about “that" kind of turn on :)  But certainly tuned-in enough to want to learn more.

Get Tuned-In

The ABC’s to networking like a Dame

·         A bout Dames Bond

·         B ig IS better

·         C ommon ground

A.    Dames Bond is the first all-female networking "community", in Central Ohio –soon to be national, designed to provide women-in-business an affordable Membership that strives to actively market your business, share your expertise, promote your events and most importantly help you build connections.

Dames Bond is a community defined by its Members.
We are diverse in industry and rich in character.

Introducing modernly refined networking for women.


Who is a Dame?

DAME (n) \dam\ redefined:

: a woman with extensive experience in a particular area or industry

: a woman who strives to help other women thrive


Who are Dames?

: Women doing business in Central Ohio listed in the Dames Bond Business Directory

: Women in transition, exploring, purchasing and buying


Who supports Dames?

: Everyone! All consumers who help boost our economy by buying from or referring a local Dame supports the Dames Bond Networking Community thereby helping boost our local economy.



B.     Big CAN mean better. In this case it does! Dames Bond is the largest networking community, for women, in Central Ohio. Members have invested in their success with a Membership that guarantees visibility on Google and other search engines.


Our website has more than 300,000 visitors each month! They’re tuning in and they are staying logged on! Forty-three percent stay on for an average of 17 minutes. Pages with most hits are the Dames Bond Calendar, Expert Articles and the Dames Bond Business Directory!


C.  Online (damesbond.com) or in person (during networking events or workshops), Dames bond on common ground. Everything we do is designed to help you make connections, share your expertise and thrive. It's not our style to build from the top down but to give everyone an equal playing field.

a.    Online: damesbond.com (Calendar, Expert Articles, Opportunity Board, Business Directory, Dame2Dame Discounts);

b.     In person: Networking Events and Workshops


Finding your place in the business world can be taxing, frustrating and uncomfortable. It’s not the end of the world and it certainly isn’t the end of your success. Wherever you are in your career, whether you’re enjoying success, reaching out to others to help them succeed, searching for the right networking community to help build connections, or you’re simply looking for a social outlet where you can be inspired to be your personal and professional best, we believe that when Dames bond, Dames thrive!   

This is why we were named one of
Forbes’ Top 10 Career Sites for women!
Our first networking event for 2011 is on Monday, January 10.

  All women are welcome!

Share what it is to be a Dame with others! If you’re already a Member and you refer three people to join, we’ll give you a FREE year with Dames Bond. When the person you referred signs up there will be a place for them to include your name. It’s that easy!




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