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How to Create a Functional Wardrobe for Le$$
By Linda Mustric, Jockey Person to Person
Published On:  1/31/2011

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Money is tight for everyone, yet you still need to look professional when you meet with clients.   And you want to be ready for a change in activity or event, whatever comes up.   The solution is smart purchasing.   Instead of shopping for one piece of apparel at a time, and then looking for something to match it, it is much more practical (and affordable) to purchase several pieces at once that can be mixed and matched.  

One simple dress can be the basis on which to build your wardrobe.   If the dress has too many features then it will limit your options.   It can be paired with a nice jacket, a strand of pearls and a pair of sensible heels to command a presence in the conference room.   After work, leave the jacket in the car, switch the pearls for a funky necklace or maybe add a fun belt, change your shoes and you are ready for dinner and dancing.

Now what else can you do with that jacket?   You've already worn it once this week with your dress.   Match it up with a nice top and pair of slacks. Outfit number two.   Depending on the dress code at your place of business, a pair of cropped pants can look fabulous and feel cool in the hot summer months, and all you have to do is throw on your jacket to look professional.

Outfit number three would be the same top as above, but change the bottoms from pants to a skirt.   Just as comfy but a little dressier.   Feel free to add a scarf around the neck or around your waist to add some style to your look.   Are you getting the idea?

Depending on your lifestyle, your go-to wardrobe could consist of: one dress, one jacket, two tops and two bottoms.   Or it could be one jacket, three tops and two bottoms.   Long pants and cropped pants work for many, but for those with a stricter dress code, change the cropped pants for a skirt.   Think about your days and how you dress for each event.   Meetings, the office, dinner, entertaining, attending functions.   Where do you go after work?   Theater or ball park?   Five-star restaurant or picnic in the park?   Gallery-hopping or pub-crawling?

Now when you're shopping for this do-it-all jacket, be sure to get one that is not restrictive with buttons or a zipper.   A loose, flowing jacket will do amazing things for you.   Wrap it tightly with a belt for a polished look.   Wear it loose or tie the ends in different ways: high, low, on the side, behind you.   And a jacket that can take the place of a top is a great tool.   Your dress should have simple lines so that it can be accessorized more easily.

Remember to purchase mostly solid colors in a color scheme that complements your personal skin and hair tones.   For instance, group some dark blues, light blues and whites together, with maybe a bright pink.   Or use browns, tans, and reds.   Blacks make a great basis, along with gray.   Black, purple, violet, and white.   Perhaps solid pants and skirt, one solid top, one print top, solid jacket.   Use accessories to change up your look, and no-one will tire of your attire!

For more inspiration, please visit my website or sign up for my blog !


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