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Be a Recruiting Talent Scout – 3 Steps to Finding Your ACEs
By Barb Girson, My Sales Tactics
Published On:  3/5/2011

In direct sales you have the opportunity to build the team you want. You can hand pick your team players. Many recruiters make the mistake of mainly recruiting those who are interested. In doing so, recruiters miss those who have never consider doing something like this.  The average individual who has not ever pursued a home-based business has no idea what they are missing or how their strengths and skills could be applied to direct sales.

Yet we must first gain permission and spark interest in order to share information about our business opportunity. We must become a talent scout.

"A talent scout is someone who identifies people with unique or valuable talents and works to recruit them. Scouts work in a number of different industries, ranging from sports to the tech sector. Their work includes consultations with people in the industry, travel to identify new talent, and a wide variety of activities which are intended to identify, cultivate, and recruit talented people.
He or she takes into account the artist's long-term goals and directs him or her on a suitable career path. The exact duties of a talent manager depend on the industry and artist, but counseling, advising, developing and promoting are common tasks " (Source: www.wisegeek.com)

Pursue ACE's! 

ACE's show early on that they have three criteria going for them:

  • A= Attitude (a good attitude)
  • C=Commitment (willing to commit time and effort toward their business)
  • E=Effort (persistent, disciplined, dedicated to excellence)

Use these three steps when you are recruiting / sponsoring steps to find talent:

1.  Identifying people with unique or valuable talents:

To identify talent in others, think about what skills and strengths you would like your team members to possess.
Create your own unique or valuable talents list. Include qualities, skills and traits. Write out your 'job description' that you are working to fill. Include skills that help you build an A team: leadership experience, effective presenter, great people skills, goal setter, team player, demonstrates effective time management/ organizational skills.
Yes, many of these skills and habits can be taught however when you are talent scouting identify candidates who already own some of these skills. This way you will not have to spend as much energy to develop them.

2.  Cultivating Talent

This is relationship-building. Most of the high-potential talent that I recruited did not jump into the business the first time they heard about it.  A great first question is simply asking, "Are you willing to (schedule an appointment, meet for coffee) learn more about what I do?"  The reason I am asking you is….

3.   Recruiting talent

Be patient and keep in touch with high-potential talent!  Chances are they are already entrenched in a career and have many choices open to them. However, by keeping in contact you might find that one day they are open to act on what you have suggested.  This typically occurs when something in their life changes – it can be as small as an unexpected bill, a new goal or dissatisfaction with their current situation.

Not all of the talent that you pursue will join you. However, by taking a proactive approach to recruiting / sponsoring, find your ACE's and you will build a quality team.  In addition to those who are interested in your opportunity, seek to interest others by identifying their talent and cultivating the relationship over time. These may not be your easiest to recruit, yet you might find them to be your stars.

Barb Girson Original Work
© 2011 All Rights Reserved

Permission to reprint my articles is granted with inclusion of "About the Author, contact information, & active web site link".

About The Author
Barb Girson, International Direct Selling Industry Expert, Trainer & Coach, helps companies, teams & entrepreneurs gain confidence, get into action, & most importantly… grow sales by sharing her "Strategies That Stick™". Barb is a highly interactive, creative speaker and author offering customized, professional skill development programs for workshops, meetings and teleconference training programs. Active participants "Sell more, stop worrying and STICK with what works™. Visit www.MySalesTactics.com to learn more.

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