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5 Steps To Improving Your Company Message
By Mary McCarthy, Your Management Team
Published On:  3/6/2011

First, what do we mean by message?   A message communicates information from one person to another, and can be transmitted verbally and non-verbally through words, speech, body language and appearance.
Second, what does that have to do with you?   As a business owner everything you do sends a message to your current and prospective clients.   Therefore, it is important to know what kind of messages you are sending; and, whether the messages is cohesive or confusing.   The following are five things to keep in mind when evaluating your personal and business message:

1.         You are your company:   As a small business owner you are your brand.   Your body language, appearance, professional picture, elevator pitch, and professional bio tell a story about your knowledge, experience, and passion.   We do business with those we like and trust, so the stronger your message about you, the more comfortable your customer will feel about doing business with you and your organization.


So what do you need in order to have an effective personal message?   An effective elevator pitch sharing who you are and what you do in thirty (30) seconds or less, a professional bio and picture, and strong profiles.   In other words, you need to tout yourself as an expert in your field.


2.       Cohesive brand:   Consistency is the key.   Business cards, letterhead, flyers and website should have the same message, colors, and logo, along with look and feel.   Whether we realize it or not, the look of our brand leaves a lasting impression, one that signals to our prospective customers our expertise.

Rather than tell your customer what you think they want to hear, look at your brand from their perspective.   Do your print materials convey the message and activity you want?


3.       Keep the message the same:   Cohesive brand and look is only part of the equation.   What you say in your brochures, flyers and website also has to be consistent, as well as captivating.   The message needs to grab your customer’s attention in order to receive the action you wanted.

Understanding your identity is the first step in cohesiveness.   Know your target customer and your UPS (unique selling proposition) will help you identify a strong message focused on your customer setting your business apart from your competition.

4.       Consistency is important:   The next step is to pull everything together, your personal message, business message, and overall look.   You want a positive response to your message and the action of hiring you, or buying your product.

Marketing, branding, and sales is all about turning a prospective customer into a buying customer.   As small business owners we tend to be embarrassed by the fact that we are trying to sell our services.   However, without sales we go out of business.   If you believe in yourself, your product/service, and the benefit the client you should be able to publicize your USP and the benefits of working with you and your company.

5.        Sharing your message:   As you finalize your message the last step will be to share that message with your target audience.   Newsletters, blogs, social media are all wonderful avenues of spreading the word if used effectively.

How many newsletters do you receive in your email each day?   How many do you tend to read?   What is it that jumps out at you and causes you to open one vs. another?   Think about this as you develop your online presence.  


Developing and sharing your message is all about growing your business, increasing your monthly and annual revenue, so take the time to audit your brand and how you are come across to others.   Ask for feedback and listen to answers that could assist you improve your business and grow.  

If you would like help with developing and improving your message join YMT, ECDI and Worley Law for our upcoming “Writing Clinic" and let us help you grow your business.   To learn more go to www.YourManagementTeam.com .

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