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Stop the Robo Calls, Watch Your Response, & Tame Inner Grouch
By Barb Girson, My Sales Tactics
Published On:  5/2/2011

I am a little embarrassed to share this story; however, it is a tale to which you could potentially relate!

Lately, I have been inundated with calls from an unrecognizable number. I find myself answering the phone in anticipation of business or family only to be dismayed by the mechanical drum of automation.   These expedient automated greetings promise a bright future as they guarantee effortless sales successes within seconds.   “No selling, no parties, no problem: just earn money".     "Earn $300 everyday on auto pilot."

Add to mix the periodic telemarketing solicitation or upcoming barrage of political campaign messages and the interruptions can amount to a lot of unwanted tele-time!   Despite my appreciation for the value of sales calls made with a service attitude, these disturbances have recently become both incessant and annoying!  

Just yesterday the telephone rang, as it does, in the middle of the afternoon.   I had just finished fielding a handful of said robo-calls and I admit my frustration lingered.   I answered the phone nevertheless and was not surprised to hear yet another unfamiliar voice.   As I unthinkingly assumed this call to be another midday gimmick, the tone of my voice altered accordingly:

Me : "Good Afternoon."

Caller : "Good afternoon, who is this?"

Me : "Who is THIS? I do not like to give out personal information unless I know who is calling?"

Caller :   “Well, I have been referred to you by Mr. Smith (name changed), and was told that you provide consulting and training services."

…Embarrassed by my mistake at this point, I quickly channeled my polite and gracious ‘me’.

Me : “Why yes, thank you so much for contacting me."

We proceeded with the discussion, all the while, however, taking notice of the many different versions of ‘me’ for life’s many different and ever-shifting scenarios.   I acknowledged how warm, congenial me could silence the accidental grouchy me with some attention and purposeful effort, and how this realization saved a genuine lead from going sour.

Fortunately, we had a great conversation and the opportunity was not lost.   The experience, though, was a reminder that we must not let disturbances or surprises react with people of genuine interest.

Lessons we can learn from this experience:

1. Stop the Robo Calls:   They are intrusive and unwelcome.   There are more personal, effective and genuine ways to prospect.

2.   Watch Your Reactions:   Do not let the affect of interruptions remain, for we never know who is on the other end of the phone. We must imagine every caller as someone we appreciate instead of an imposition.

Tame Inner Grouch: Each call deserves the same pleasant greeting as somebody walking into our store.

This incident was a big wake up call!   Most importantly, I was reminded to keep the inner grouch in check and to take pause so that the real me can respond.  

Barb Girson Original Work

Edited by Robyn Girson
 © 2011 All Rights Reserved

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Permission to reprint this article is granted with inclusion of "About the Author, contact information, & active web site link".  

About The Author

Barb Girson, International Direct Selling Industry expert, trainer and coach, is a highly interactive, creative speaker & author offering professional skill development programs for workshops, leader retreats, and annual conventions & teleclass sales training programs.   Custom programs /Coaching 1:1 available.

Barb Girson helps companies, teams & entrepreneurs gain confidence, get into action, & most importantly... grow sales. To sign up for her next FREE sales training teleclass / join her free email list & get 'Sales Strategies that Stick' ezine, Visit http://www.MySalesTactics.com   to learn more.

Need a speaker for your next event? Contact Barb: 614.855.0446     

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