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I Left a Voice Mail – Why Don’t They Call Me Back? And What You Need to STOP Doing
By Barb Girson, My Sales Tactics
Published On:  8/18/2011

Have you heard yourself saying, "I am so sick of making calls, leaving voice mails and not getting anyone to return my phone calls!" Have you ever found yourself wondering, "Why don't they call me back?" "Am I being avoided?" "Am I being too PUSHY?

Reaching out to your customers on a regular basis is simply a good practice.  Befriending the phone is one of the best ways to build your business, and master your conversational skills to develop relationships.

Equally important to deciding whom to call, what to say and when— is to put yourself in the right frame of mind, and manage your expectations for reasonable results.  In the absence of preparation, your sessions might feel tedious, painful and unproductive, like having a tooth pulled. Until I wrapped my head around how my phone calls were landing, and began to see each call as an opportunity to WOW my customers with my standard of dedication to service, the phone to me was like "King Kong": heavy and intimidating.

Most sales professionals do not keep enough regular contact with their customers or clients.  This action is a way to set you apart. Your level of service is how you ultimately distinguish yourself between you and fellow entrepreneurs, sales professionals, and direct sellers.

The phone has changed.

It is said that upwards of 85% of outbound phone calls go to voice mail today. This means that if you find yourself expecting to receive a return call, as if you were calling a friend, you will end up routinely disappointed. It is important to understand this upfront, as failure to do so might result in a vicious cycle of feeling defeated, which consequently will derail your desire to enthusiastically make phoning a regular part of your business practice.

READ MORE Here....to learn about what you need toSTOPdoing to get over the "Why Don't They Call Me Back" syndrome....

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