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Personal Training: Not Just for the Rich and Famous
By Nancy Eisenman, ForeverFit, Personal Training for Women
Published On:  10/30/2011


Why you should consider a Personal Trainer. [Why You Need ForeverFit]

1.     Are you unhappy with the way you currently look and feel?

2.     Are you lacking in confidence and self esteem?

3.     Are you struggling with your attempt to set and maintain goals?

4.     Are you struggling to change rid yourself of bad habits and adopt healthier ones?

5.     Do you lack the motivation and/or staying power it takes to get started?

6.     Are you lacking the discipline and self-motivation it takes to change the way you look and feel? [or achieve your desired goals on your own?]

7.     Do you currently belong to a fitness club but find that you don’t use it as often as you should or not at all?

8.     Do you find the exercise machines and equipment at your fitness club confusing and intimidating?

9.     Do the exercise classes at your fitness club appear uninteresting, too strenuous or intimidating?

10. Have you lost weight in the past only to find you’ve put it back on – and then some?

11. Do you need someone to create an exercise program for you and show you the proper form and technique?

12. Would you feel more comfortable exercising in a private setting where you getting undivided attention?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the questions above, then perhaps you need to consider hiring a certified personal fitness trainer.

There are many reasons why people seek personal fitness trainers – losing weight to toning and shaping are the most common. But there are many more reasons why a personal trainer may be right for you.

·       An excellent personal trainer is one who takes the time to fully understand your situation and you personally. He or she gives you their utmost and undivided attention at all times – even during off days. 


·       A excellent personal trainer is not just there to help you reach short-term goals, but rather redirects your mission toward living a healthier lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle incorporates a balance of exercise and proper nutrition so you can reach your goals and maintain them well into the future. 


Remember, agoalis losing 30 pounds. Amission, is making fundamental lifestyle changes so that you not only lose the unwanted pounds, but also keep it off. 


·       An excellent personal trainer will be motivating and inspiring. He or she will make exercising fun rather than making it feel as if it’s a chore or punishment. He or she will help you stay the course by providing you with healthy tips that can be applied immediately. Ultimately, however, you are the one who is fully accountable at all times.


·       An excellent personal trainer will take the time to "get to know you" and develop an exercise program that assures you are learning and using the proper techniques needed to execute the various exercises you will be asked to perform.


·       An excellent personal trainer will go the extra yard to ensure your experience is positive and productive. To accomplish this, communication between you and your personal trainer must be open and free flowing at all times. A personal trainer is only as good as your willingness to make the sacrifices and full commitment it will take to change your life to a happier and healthier one.


At ForeverFit: Personal Training for Women and Men, we believe being physically fit is not accomplished by exercise or diet alone. It is a combination of both that provides you with lasting results. If you get off track, we are there to help get you back on course. If an exercise is to taxing or difficult, we adapt it immediately. We approach each client individually. We don’t have a "one size fits all" program. Yes, there are certain time-tested and proven exercises, which that are common to every program, but we customize each client’s program based upon their goals, fitness level and abilities. The programs we design are as individual and unique as the clients we serve.


At ForeverFit Personal Training, we employ the following six strategies when working with clients:


1.     Assess and evaluate.Conduct an entire assessment of client’s current physical condition. Discuss goals, time line and eating habits.

2.     Design and develop:Based upon the initial assessment and evaluation, a customized program is designed specifically to help you achieve your desired results.

3.     Implement and engage:Introduce program regimen to client and discuss frequency of participation and off day routines.

4.     Monitor and measure:Measure the results of the program at prescribed intervals

5.     Motivate and inspire:Keep the program organic and interesting by introducing various ways of achieving results and minimizing boredom and repetition.

6.     Adapt and modify:Based upon the results we get from monitoring, we may elect to modify or change the regimens to assure we are on track. Things don’t always work as planned. A fully engaged trainer will always have a back up plan or a modification of the initial plan.


Losing weight, toning and shaping is a process that takes time and commitment. There are peaks and valleys, ebbs and flows. Most importantly, there are no shortcuts. Part of our job as personal trainers is keeping you honest and accountable for your actions or inactions. We keep personal stats on each client so they can be made aware of their progress. We also stress to our clients the importance of keeping a daily journal and sharing your information with us. As a personal trainer it’s very important to always project a positive attitude. Every reasonable goal can be accomplished.

"Life Looks Better When you Do"
Contact: Nancy Eisenman for a free consultation and more information about personal training, buddy or small group training or boot camps for women.

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