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Is Your Business Anti-Social?
By Barbara Thompson, Hyde-n-Seek Designs
Published On:  11/9/2011

(Presented during the Dames Bond Event 11/7/11)

Is your Business Anti-Social?

It's all about putting your brand's best foot forward.

How you present yourself in the virtual world is as important as the real world. Afterall, YOU are your brand..in reality and in the virtual world.

Have you ever attended a networking event where someone shoves their business card in your hand and talks only about what they sell? Or they get your business card and do nothing but call you to get you to buy from them?

Don't like that behavior? Then why do that on social media sites? Does it annoy you when people only post what they have to sell? Get authentic and visible using social media as a great marketing tool for your brand...your business.

A.EDUCATE— Express your expertise — people will come to you. People want to be associated with successful people. Represent the expertise you have and you'll find success.

B.DON'T BE SOMEONE CONTRARY TO YOUR BRAND—it's like advocating for Mothers against Drunk Drivers (MADD) and being seen on FB as someone who always has a drink in their hand.

C. Use it or Lose it

  • Integrate  traditional styles of connecting with social media
  • Get to know someone—meet over coffee, lunch etc. Don't pitch your product. Pitch your character!
  • Send a handwritten thank you note or message of kindness. The written word goes a long way!
  • Do something for someone else. Pay it forward.
  • Listen! Focus on the person, not on what YOU do.

D. Are you playing Hide and Seek?

The mobility of your website will make or break you. Stagnate websites are anti-social.

Get your business up-to-date on the following websites:

  • Manta
  • Google Places
  • City Search
  • Urban Spoon
  • City Grid
  • Yelp
  • Hot Frog
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Schools you attend
  • The Ohio Department of Development - Women Owned Businesses. This is a great FREE resource and an opportunity for increased visibility.
  • Dames Bond and other associations in which you are involved - Is your profile being viewed? Is your profile attracting business? Is it up-to-date and accurate about your business, today?If you networking community is actively marketing your business, you want to make sure everything is current, including your website, phone contact and email.

E. QR (Quick Response) Code

Initially created by Toyota to track truck parts, it is now used for commercial tracking, entertainment, transportation ticketing, mobile tagging, in store product labeling, and product marketing. It's a great way to market your brand.

QR Codes store up to 4296 characters and are internationally standardized—think print based hypertext link.

Anyone with an iphone or android with the application to scan barcodes can read QR codes. They can direct people to your website, email, promotion, or any other information you wish to share.

QR CODES can include:

  • Website URL
  • YouTube Video
  • Google Maps location
  • Social Media links—FB, T, LI
  • I Tunes Link
  • Plain Text
  • Telephone #
  • SMS Message
  • Email Address
  • Contact Details (V Card)
  • Pay Pal Buy Now Link
  • Event (VCalendar)

Check out mobilefish.com to create your business's QR Code. It's free!There are other free resources for QR Codes. Google and research.

F. Play Nice

  • Social Capital—"TRUST" is the currency in social media
  • Investments—make them in others, not just in yourself
  • By 2015 companies will generate 50% of web sales via their social presence and mobile applications
  • 30 Billion dollars will come through social commerce by 2015—that is a 500% increase over now
  • Social media is able to reach engaged audiences better now than ever before. They (social media sites) get your offer to the right persons, using commerce as a reward.
  • Facebook Tab stores—where you can shop brand etc.

G. Repetition

  • The more a fan or friend sees a post, the more they are likely to trust an offer.
  • The user experience must be great to keep them on your site to shop longer
  • You must have a trusted payment method, with security standards, in place for the sale to be transacted
Your success is dependent on your ability, motivation and knowledge to keep your business from being anti-social.


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