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The Gift of Gratitude
By Rene Delane, Women Who Dare LLC
Published On:  12/11/2011

"Feeling gratitiude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it." – William Arthur Ward

The holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year to give gifts.  What gift can you give that is personal, appreciated and rare? 

It is the gift of Gratitude, my friend. The recognition and thankfulness expressed to the teacher, doctor, mother, brother or whoever made a different in our life. 

The very thought of them warms our heart and prompts us to take action with a phone call, plans to meet or a written note of appreciation.

Before we can say, "Cindy-Lou Who" our brain flashes a message, "later, you are too busy now."

Then…times passes and when we are next reminded of this person, the thought is now accompanied by a twinge of guilt.

So, why do we put off the gift of gratitude?  It’s not because our hearts are "two sizes too small".  It’s because we have to act within five seconds of an idea and take an action step that commits us to follow through or the idea drifts away like smoke from a blown out candle. 

Happy chemicals flood your brain in response to the genuine heart-felt anticipation of sharing your gift of gratitude.  You anticipate their smile and imagine the benefits from this new outcome and a big ole’ grin appears on your face.

Your heart will feel like it grew three sizes because the gift of gratitude can be wrapped up with a hug, which a store-bought present can never match.   I call it Chocolate for the Brain™ because chocolate is the feel-good stuff of childhood birthday parties and adult delights like decadent desserts or romantic surprises.

First choose who are you going to surprise, imagine how it will make each of you feel, take the first small action step and your gift of gratitude will honor both the recipient and YOU, my friend!






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