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Are Myths About doing business with the Government True?
By Mary McCarthy, Your Management Team
Published On:  2/8/2013

Are Myths About Doing Business With The Government True?

By: Mary McCarthy,Your Management Team INC.

Myth #1: there are only certain types of businesses that make sense to go after government contracts.
Truth: you never know. The government provides contracts for all kinds of products and services.

As a business consultant I never registered my firm because I didn't think there was an opportunity to do business with the government as a consultant. Turns out there are programs through the government that will pay for services to assist existing and would-be entrepreneurs and I recently ran into another consultant that successfully registered herself as a woman-owned business and landed the State of Ohio as her client.

So, I thought why not get certified as a woman-owned business and register to do business with the government. Talk about an eye-opener. Registering a DUN's number was the only piece of the process that went off without a hitch. After spending hours registering the firm in Central Contractor Registration (CCR) I found out the CCR database has been replaced with System for Award Management (SAM). Why? Who knows, all that matters is that I had to start all over again. This time I called in reinforcements.

MYTH #2: It's hard to find help navigating the registration process.
Truth: Shanda Harris withProcurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)is available to assist you understand and navigate the process of registering your business in SAM. She has spent hours (and I mean quite a few) assisting us re-register our business.

MYTH #3: now that we are nearly complete with the registration and certification process, all we have to do is sit back and wait for notifications of contracts.
Truth: just like anything else, you have to market yourself to the government. It takes time to research opportunities and apply to RFQ's and RFP's. While I wish I had words of wisdom to help you with this step I am just now entering it myself, so we will have to learn together.

I will tell you that as a Regional Judge for the SBA's Small Business Awards, winning a government contract can take your business to the next level revenue-wise fairly quickly. So, if you are contemplating doing business with the government, or you are in the process of registering and are having trouble like I did, we will be hostingWomen Winning Contractson Wednesday, March 13that TechColumbus! Our speakers always have tremendous knowledge on the registration process, women business owner certifications, and responding to RFQ's and RFP's.

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