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Essential Oils and Your Health
By Linda Mustric, Wellness Advocate
Published On:  8/18/2015

It seems as if everyone is talking about Essential Oils!  What are they? How do they work? How do you use them? Are they safe?

Essential Oils are created by plants to protect themselves from environmental harm such as fungus, bacteria, insects, heat, etc.  We can extract these potent oils either through steam distillation or by cold-pressing.Each plant's oil is unique in its chemical properties. These terpenes, alcohols, esters, aldehydes, ketones, phenols, and oxides have diverse properties: some are antibiotic, some antibacterial, some antifungal, some antiviral, and some anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is now thought to be a leading cause of many diseases. Different oils, depending on their chemical properties, can be used to enhance your health naturally.Many scientific studies are published online at PUBMED.

Just getting our bodies back to a natural state does wonders for our health. Clean eating is the key to maintaining health, but most of us eat too many processed foods, too much sugar, and too many of the wrong fats. Essential oils can be used to help steer our bodies' immune systems in the right direction, along with changing our eating habits. When our bodies are in top shape, we can fight off all kinds of infections.

Today there are many ways to purchase Essential Oils. Online, health food stores, and through consultants are several ways. Make sure that the oils you are purchasing are pure and free from pesticides and contaminants. The best way to ensure the quality of your oils is to buy through a trusted consultant.

dōTERRA is an essential oils company that is committed to creating pure, therapeutic-grade oils. We are also committed to educating people how to use the oils effectively and safely. "dōTERRA" means "gift of the earth" and the oils are truly a life-saving gift to many. The company sources its oils from the best places on earth for each plant, in order to increase the potency and purity of each oil that we sell. Each oil batch is tested by independent labs several times between the field and the bottle. We also serve the communities in many third-world countries which produce the plants we use, including setting up farmer's cooperatives, building schools, and bringing in running water.

If you would like to learn more about essential oils, the dōTERRA company, or health in general, please "LIKE" myfacebook page. If there are any oils that you would like to purchase, please visit my website athttp://www.mydoterra.com/lmustric/or contact me directly.

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