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August 2017


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Commit to be Safe (FREE) [RSVP] [MAP]
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
at Womens Business Center of Ohio
1655 Old Leonard Ave, Columbus, OH 43219

Speaker: Julie Burford Loeffler, Mid Ohio IMB

Topic: Commit to be Safe


Attackers don’t care what disabilities you have. Whether it’s a sore hip or a bad back, you will have to work around any short comings you have. They also don't care about your age. This program is for all ages!

Learn valuable skills that could save your life in a friendly environment from someone who understands you and knows what it’s like to be in a vulnerable position.

Take control of your own personal safety and never feel helpless again!

Julie will be providing both mental and physical aspects necessary for personal safer.

We will be doing interactive exercises for those who want to participate.

You will learn how a flashlight can save your life!

As well, a very special announcement will be made by Mary B. Relotto. You don't want to miss this event!

During events you will enjoy:

- Gaining knowledge and insight from other Dames on a variety of topics that will benefit you professionally and personally
- Exceptional Networking
- Appetizers / Beverages
- Raffle Prizes

When Dames Bond, Dames thrive!
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