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Member Business:  Rahab's Hideaway, Inc.

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Rahab's Hideaway, Inc.
Contact:  Marlene Carson

(614) 593-5033

118 Graceland Blvd.
Box 165
Columbus, oh  43214

History contains the stories of great men, women, organizations, and civilizations; seemingly birthed and developed for a predestined purpose to impact the lives of many. In 2008, such a happening took place as need wed vision and Rahab’s Hideaway was birthed. The collaborative efforts of Ms. Marlene Carson, founder of Rahab's Hideaway, and several Columbus-based social service organizations and volunteers produced a pool of knowledge and resources, for the sake of addressing a worldwide problem human trafficking/street prostitution.

Rahab’s Hideaway is many things to a select few. For the teen girls and young adult women who are leashed to their pimp and a self-destructive lifestyle by a chain of fear, we are a way of escape. For those who spend their nights turning tricks rather than their days turning the pages of a book, we are a means to an education. For others who have been sold so much that they feel they have nothing left, we instill value.

For those who are looking for a way out, Rahab’s Hideaway is a beacon of light. In October of 2008, Rahab’s Hideaway began to walk out purpose as its first resident was taken in, and a realization was had that for this one girl, it was worth all the sacrifice to get to this moment in time. As time writes yet another story, we watch as its characters grow, mature, progress, and survive. This is a story of liberation from physical, emotional, and even spiritual control, and it happens every day…at Rahab’s Hideaway.

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