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Member Business:  Awaken Your Inner Light Coaching Services

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Dame2Dame Discount:

I'm offering a complimentary discovery session via phone to help you identify patterns in your life that no longer serve you. If you wish to dive deeper, I am honored to offer a 20% Dame2dame discount on your first coaching package with me.


Speaker's Bureau:

  • How to Create Your Day with Ease and Flow
  • 3 Questions to Help You Design a Life you Love
  • Self Acceptance- The Path to Freedom and Success



Awaken Your Inner Light Coaching Services
Contact:  Kim Crigger

(614) 284-4975

2131 Springhill Dr
Columbus, OH  43221

As a certified Quantum Success Life Coach and relationship expert I help women release their limiting beliefs, identify their deepest desires and heartfelt goals and create a life they love full of happiness, abundance and purpose.


Corporate and entrepreneurial women and working Moms who want to learn how to create more harmony, clarity and abundance in their lives.


We are living in a very busy world, with many responsibilities and constant demands. If you are a working woman, you probably have moments where you feel overwhelmed and stressed just trying to manage your day!

When one area of life is running smoothly, it seems the other parts of your life tend to spin out of control. But, I'm certain that you can live with clarity. inner balance and feel passionate about your life. You just need the proper tools to navigate your way through and challenge the limiting beliefs.


* Feelings of overwhelm, like there's not enough time in one day?
*Feeling a "disconnect" with your partner, family or other important people in your life?
*Feeling tired and lacking energy throughout the day?
*Feeling like you are often taking care of others but you're last on the list?
*Feeling that there has to be more to life than the same routines and you're NOT LIVING YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE?

If the answer is "yes" to ANY of these questions, you are not alone! There is an answer and working with an experienced life coach will give you what you need. I'll support you by giving you easy methods that you can implement into your daily life so you can align with WHO YOU REALLY ARE and live with ease and grace.
It's time to let go of the major roadblocks holding you back and explore your big dreams and live at your fullest potential with joy and purpose. It's so possible!

I will guide you on a profound journey of growth and expansion while you create positive changes that you've wanted for a long time.

I offer several coaching packages and together we can discover the perfect one for your needs and goals.
We all have a deeper purpose and special gifts in this lifetime. If you hear the call to create the life you love and step into your full potential, contact me for a free discovery call!

View our web site at


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